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A poem for every fan girl: Mystical Connection by (my good friend) Kollene Lacambacal
i have never been a fan of someone than i am in arashi.

As I hear your voice followed by the melody
I imagine myself right beside you, serenading me
You look me in the eyes, and flash your lovely smile
I slowly feel my heart to melt followed by a sigh.

I feel a connection through music, somehow you speak to me
Like every word that comes from your lips you dedicate to me
Your honesty and passion fills my heart with joy
I feel love and so much comfort, from you I can enjoy.

Each song that you sing, it somehow seems for me
I may sound so pathetic, but this is how I feel
I may have a long shot and this may not be real
But somehow I still feel the connection coming from thee.

This just stays in my imagination, I won't long for any more
Because I have you within me, it's enough for my care
Although I still wish that one day, it's still you I will see
Then finally when we touch, you'll know the connection I feel is real.

Looking forward to that day when our eyes finally met
Hoping for that one touch, where the real magic you will feel
Sparks will fly in that single touch, then you'll flash the smile which I love so much

This is my thought, this is my dream, this is from a fan whose just longing for you to see.



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